May 14, 2012

Recycled Garden-

If you are new at this gardening thing don't make the mistake of getting in over your head-Keep it simple:
  •   Don't spend more money on establishing your plot than you would spend on produce in your grocery store.  This  defeats one of the main purposes of a backyard garden-Saving Money.
  •   Find plants that  are cheap or even  free. Any friend or neighbor will happily share a little snip or cutting. Root it, plant it-EASY! 
  •  Go to Lowe's and pick up their "dead or dying" plants for next to nothing..Now aren't you proud of yourself!? They often live for you in spite of the early neglect in the marketplace.
  • Don't be afraid to use other peoples ideas..

My husband suggested making  a trellis with this shipping pallet.  I had to share!  It really adds a personal touch to our garden, and I like it! 

Making your house a home does mean  work in the garden and yard. Its worth it! Don't make it difficult. Use what you have around the house, in storage, roadside/curbside finds and make it YOURS - don't buy something your Mother in law or neighbor would offer for free to a good home..Like yours.
Remember recycle, repurpose, reuse. We can do this girls. 

PS - Thanks to  "Like Grammas House" for asking me to share- Much more to come.


  1. Heather the projects you have shown using these pallets just blow me away..Did I see one as storage/shelving in a bathroom? My husband used them to build CRADLES for the newborn grand children a zillion yrs ago.Could you share the other pallet project with us someime?

  2. Oh - I like this idea - trellis from pallet! Sounds like he's learning well :) I could have used this idea a littler earlier this season. - oh well... next year :)


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