February 16, 2012

Then and Now ~

1940's - the Present 21st century:
  • We knew the difference between right and wrong
  • We made mistakes but we were not proud of them
  • We strayed from the path of right- but were not rewarded for it
  • We pushed the boundaries - we always knew the consequences & were not spared those consequences.  Parents didn 'try to fix everything' that went wrong
  • We had dreams...We had to wait for dreams to come true- that's what dreams are
  • We were allowed to be Children..not forced or encouraged to grow up too soon
  • We understood boundaries..the lines we did not cross in relationships-re parents, adults, employers, law enforcement
  • We did not expect to be given things without working
  • We knew  life was not always fair- We  were allowed to 'Get over it' and learn from it
  • Our parents' role in life was to 'be the parents' not our best friends
Just Thinking,


  1. This is so true! I wish parents would make their children read it!

  2. Thanks again..I sent it on to my S.S. class and my H.S. class of 59 friends -thats about 100 people so they can all share it with younger contacts with young families.
    mmm wouldnt those points make for a great discussion with parents in that group? They are the ones who can still make changes to make a difference dont you think?


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