February 28, 2012

and God Created Woman~

...and God created Woman...a maze, a mass & mix of CONTRADICTIONS. Don't take offense. The woman I have in mind is ME!     I so often amaze myself.  How can one 5ft3" female be so many conflicting character, personality and temperament traits? I will not presume to tell you I have the definitive answer to that quesion. I'm just pondering, mulling over and analyzing what I observe in myself .
How can I be so bold, confident and strong willed and still wilt like a newly planted flower under the afternoon sun on an August day in the the deep south? [ South Alabama ]
How can a woman..like me, be so focused and organized but she can't get the thank you notes and Christmas newsletters to the post office in a timely fashion. I actually have some wonderful seasonal newsletters written [beautifully I might add] that were never mailed out - in 1999. This same pitiful person can be so focused she set as #1 priority planning, organizing a 50th high school reunion..devoted an entire year  2008-2009 to putting together a class directory of contact information for each person and then producing & publishing a book [ more than 100 pages] with pictures, bios, for class members & turned into a cyber cheerleader to keep everyone informed and excited-motivating them to get their information to me and make room in their lives no matter what to be present for that once in a lifetime event.  Our computer room was set up with "temporary" tables for work space for 10 months. Yes, it was a labor of love that I was very proud of..and thankful to be able to do it. It boggles my mind to recall the time and amount of creative energy that went into that effort..yes, fun too!
So how can this person with so much confidence disappear when challenged to find just the right gift for a grandchild [just one example]?

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