July 05, 2011

Here I Go Pondering Again~

~I actually thought I was simply REPURPOSING..didn't realize it had a GRANDMA look & feel~

~just thinking about the name of this blog [ "like Gramma's House" ] and how often I hear that phrase on the Home & Garden Television programs.  People  searching for a home to buy  so often   comment as they tour the property: "This reminds me of Grandma's house."
I often use the same phrase in conversation-that's how I came up with the blog title.  I know what the phrase "like gramma's house" means to me but what are house hunters on HGTV  suggesting when they make this observation.  It usually feels very negative.
So tell me what do you mean when you describe a room or a home as 'Like Gramma's House.?"


  1. ya know what.. I was just watching an episode of House Hunters yesterday and someone walked in and said that phrase and it made me mad! - I wont watch the episodes if the buyers are looking at town houses or condos... YUK.. - I love GRANDMAS houses!!!! LOVE THEM.. I spend half my days trying to make my home into the house I remember as a kid... GRANDMAS HOUSE!!!!

  2. A grandmas house always has some wonderful smell coming from the kitchen-and you feel like you are always welcome. There is comfy furniture and it is not a no touch house! I can only surmise that those people on HGTV never had a grandma to love them!


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