November 28, 2009

Giving Thanks at Gramma's & Pop's-Brundidge,Alabama

Just hitting the high spots, the high lights of the day:
It's always a special moment when they start arriving-ah, the greetings, the hugs are so sweet.  Yes, I know we only saw them 3 months ago but it seems much longer.

Each gathering is priceless-a treasured time.

Then when the next arrivals are announced we do it all over again..the greetings, the hugs and the nine year old grandson plays "dodge the hugging  grown ups."

I had hoped to get a [half of us] family picture on the front steps before dark but we missed that-

Everyone has their specialties I guess.  One daughter in law couldn't show up without her sweet potato casserole and I had to call in the other daughter in law just before time to eat to make the gravy-oops who discarded the pan drippings from the ham and turkey??? Not to worry ~ an expert gravy maker and a spare can of chicken broth saved the day there-The sister Schubert Rolls went into the oven and several of us wondered aloud if our 11 yr. old Samantha in the far north-Iowa, had her favorite SS rolls for her ROLL DAY!

No picture, but in my mind's eye it's there-of the crowd circled, holding hands and Pop whom we all expected to do the honors asked: "Reagan, since you are the youngest, would you say 'grace' for us?"  With a nine year old surrounded by all big people you never know how he will react.
Reagan came through beautifully. As we bowed he began "Dear Jesus" and continued sincerely and w confidence to express thanks for and ask protection for his Special Forces cousin Don, the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I think he covered the food and all our families. 
It was a moment to remember! Thank You Jesus.

[to be continued..gotta go find my christmastime wreath for the front door]

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