December 16, 2011

The Season - The Reason

I do love Christmastime...except when I don't.  I do love the Christmas lights...first choice the tiny clear -next the blue lights in my windows..the spot lights on the nativity scenes and ALWAYS the Candle light. And don't forget the jingle, jangle of the bells...some tinkling sounds, others the sleigh bell  sounds..even those that remind people like me of a Cow Bell...clunk, clunk, clunk. 
This is the only time of year you'll find candy offered generously in our house..well perhaps Easter time too. I go plundering around the attic to bring down some of those treasured  old jars and fill them with  colorful candies...some  because  my  Grandma Mobley had them-remember those gummy orange slices?? And of course the candy canes..the smaller the better.
The previous 5 years I have enjoyed choosing a luscious fresh greenery wreath for my front's a luxury without a doubt and I do enjoy it.  Another time and place I would have gathered the supplies from the woods and fields around us.
I don't love Christmastime as I watch and listen to shoppers in  crowded many stories.  I ache for those as it gets very close to December 24th and the shopping is frantic, tempers short, tension in voices..I find myself examining the shopping cart contents and fill in the blanks...too little time, too little money and sometimes I just sense sadness in the faces and body language of those around me.. I can relate to that...remember how this season was so difficult for me for many years..always recalling that my Dad had died on December 23rd in 1969. Now that same sadness crops up as we look around us and there are at least 5 missing faces..loved ones too far away.Did I tell you I really love the Christmas season? 
How do I count the things?

  • Blue lights
  • Jingle Bells
  • Candle Lights
  • Warm Wassail
  • Friends/Family Together..the laughter
  • Same  Foods Every year- sausage balls, meat balls, fruit cake, sand tarts, toasted pecans....

  • Yes, I do love baking and giving. I love the giving part but often do not like the shopping and the buying.  Perhaps it's the money thing..I never had any growing up -money was always an issue and I don't like it to be an issue. I think that's why I enjoy giving things that only require creative thinking and /or a little work and time like with baked gifts or homemade gifts.
  • Jesus really is the reason for this season...we just keep forgetting that don't we?  Happy Birthday Jesus...I love you Lord~



  1. I always have bitterswewet feelings at Christmas. I worry abou the people that don't have anything and the ones that feel like it is just another day,I worry that God is dissapointed at the way we celebrate the day.I wish everyone could have the peace that Christmas is really all about.Myself included at times.

  2. Thank you I cannot say it better-my thoughts/feelings exactly. I am more aware than most times at this season of people who are lonely and forgotten.
    For "all these reasons" we've expressed I am so very thankful for the spirit in our family Christmastime this year. Everything [except food] was so simple uncomplicated unpretentious time -no emphasis on money whatsoever. Our gifting choices were both sentimenatal and also fun!! No stress except for about 15 minutes we struggled over a choice for our youngest Grand-11 yr old boy who has too much already-hard to choose for..solution: a new MOVIE just released Christmas week..under $20.00-We spent time before gifts sharing Christmas memories from years past. Thank YOu Jesus~


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