August 18, 2011

Laundry Day~Don't You Love it?

Yes, I do love laundry day at the Harrison House. You didn't know anyone has a specific day [ & only one] to do the family laundry? Well we do.  It's one of the changes we  made about five years ago when we both became  officially retired. 
For so many years any day could be laundry day..and most days did find at least one small load being done. 
There is something comfortable about knowing when we wake up on Thursday [ that's our day] we know exactly what is about to happen.  Since I am most often the last to get out  bed I begin removing the sheets and pillow cases. Next the laundry basket comes out of the hamper in my bathroom and colors & whites are grouped & dropped into a basket outside my bathroom door.  That way "the help" can't miss it or forget  that  today is laundry day. 

If you are not yet at that 'loving laundry day' place in life then I must remind you that the HELP is my laundry service or to be more specific [& truthful] the HELP and laundry service are one and the same: My husband. That's his choice.

Now you understand why I celebrate this special day.  There is nothing quite like seeing those clothes come in the door on hangers or in neat little perfectly organized stacks.  I cannot wait to rush and take those beautiful stacks of white sheets and towels [ just being thoughtful] from him  and begin to put them in place.  That way everything is in perfect order..just the way his wife wants it.  You realize 'trust' just goes so far ladies.  The right way to store and stack is MY WAY...period.

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  1. Hmmm a good idea for when we retire.That is if I can get that fishing pole out of his hand!


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