May 30, 2011

Miles and Milestones~

Ah, the miles! The miles traveled and the milestones in the lives of our Grands -they keep coming.
Just a reminder-our only daugher has our only grand daughters..two,ages 13 and 18 this year. The oldest, Dylan graduated from high school this month-May 22, 2011 in Mason city, Iowa. 
We traveled the 1,000 plus [one way] trip by way of western Kentucky where we took a slight detour and spent a few days with my "little sister, Gwen" and her husband.  Since she retired about a year ago they live near Lake Barkley.  That's convenient since he eats, sleeps, breathes and worships FISHING -taking time off only for the deer in season and golfing when the fish run away from home.  Of course none of you will share this with him...he doesn't know.  Over the span of our adult years my sister and I have had so very few opportunities to spend time together. For this reason it has been such a joy to be able to visit a huge total of four times since 2007. Joy, Joy!
Ted and I  managed to dodge any treacherous areas where flooding was a problem and arrived in Nora Springs, Iowa on Saturday night -just right for getting to attend church with our daughter Deanna, husband Tim and Grands, Dylan, Zack and Samantha.
During that first week we attended a track meet,  a choir concert, an awards program and a Garden Club in Mason City where Dylan sang, accompanying herself on guitar. [And we are not even to Graduation yet. ] During this time Deanna and I finished our shopping list and set up plans for Saturday night's Graduation party and put together a Display photo collage and photo album to show off high school memories and family pictoral treasures  at the party. Dylan gathered trophy mementoes and Dance Team uniforms, etc to add to her display which she put together without any help from us.  All this had to be done working around the last few days of school and Tim's crazy work schedule but we did it!
Graduation party was wonderful ..could not have been better.  People appeared to really enjoy it..liked the food and lingered to visit.
I will insert pictures as I can.  One perfectly delightful observation I must share. When I noticed an opening at her Guest reception table I went over to grab a hug  and take a picture..and was more than amused [ it was hilarious ] she had her autograph pillow for her friends to sign and spread out on the table beside the card box were a variety of wallet size photos of herself..and I overheard her tell some of her friends that she would AUTOGRAPH the photo for them..To appeciate that you must know that Dylan is very passionate about pursuing  a future in the music industry [ Nashville? Of course!] Her piers were not surprised at all..they know her!

Baccularete service and Graduation ceremony  wound up on Sunday with mobs of graduates, faculty, family and friends taking photos with the newest alumni braving winds strong enough to rock our heavy vehicle at the gas pump afterwards.
After family gathering and departures Sunday afternoon and early Monday Dylan spread out her savings and Graduation cash gifts  and the car lot tour in Mason City began.  This wound up with a little red Ford Escort as Dylan counted out her savings, grad gifts, tips from Appleby's and a generous loan from her big hearted 16 year old brother Zack.

Having left south Alabama on May 11th [ it is now May 26th] We directed Gertrude [ GPS ] toward home.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time, so glad you got to be there.I am eagerly awaiting my first great grandchild tomorrow. Gosh I feel old, but young and excited again at the same time.


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