April 26, 2011

Gramma's Bible~ circa 1983

 The oldest personal Bible I have is the dainty white Bride's Bible I carried with me down the isle when I was married June 21,1959 in Mershon Baptist Church-in south Georgia.  It was a gift from our church's Girl's Auxiliary organization. It cost $4.95. I know because the tag was accidentally left inside.
I used it regularly for the first few years then graduated to a larger edition with larger print I am sure. I seldom read from it now and never use it to study but it is a proudly/humbly displayed treasure in our living room placed next to our Wedding Picture..the only one we have.

Over the years I had several Bibles, some received as gifts and used regularly some remained in new condition because I was not comfortable using it..the edition of THE LIVING BIBLE was a beautiful book and gift from someone who loved me but I was never comfortable with it.  The black KJV above was a gift from Ted, Steve and Deanna on my birthday 1983. This was the most used Bible of my life.

From 1983 until 2011 this Bible with all it's notes, highlighting and marking tells a story of God's Word used in a person's life. When I left it to be restored earlier this year it was very difficult to use..one might easily say it was ragged.  Some pages were even unattached. One of our children remarked a few years ago as he saw me carry this "falling apart" Book "Mom, are you trying to shame us all?"  After a minute I realized what he meant.  He was referring to the 'testimony' of a well used Bible [I think].

This is the restored precious Bible we picked up from the Lifeway store today after paying them $175.49.  I am sure that is several times the amount paid for the original one given me in 1983.  That's okay..I would have paid twice that if necessary.  It has been suggested that perhaps I will take better care of it this time. No, my heart's desire is to wear it out again with use.
What a sweet thing to open the returned old worn out cover and find so many little treasures that had been between the pages. There were love notes from "my girls" I taught in southeast Texas, Book marks from the Grand children, one from Turner, another from "Amie Simmons", a little love note from "Holly", another from Lindsey and one from Dylan,  All these priceless little treasures from loved ones.  I had overlooked these and am so thankful they were salvaged and returned to me.
[ ~post script: I am thinking about buying a brand new one to wear out  and if God allows enough years perhaps another one so there will be one for each of our children to have when I am gone.]


  1. I remember that Bible well and know that you love the word of the Lord! Nothing wrong at all with a worn Bible!!! Love you so very, very much...words will never show you how dear you are to so very many.

  2. it looks wonderful... Im happy that you were able to get it restored.-

  3. Thanks Mom.......for not mentioning the red ink drawings on the cover of the white Bible..........btw the boys made me do it ;)
    I have a friend who saves each Bible every few yrs for a grandchild.


  4. Nan, it's hardly visible & besides "I forgot" -I'm going to work on that Bible project.

  5. Hello Jonell,
    I have my first Bible too. - It is so familiar - I have been using the study Bible for Wednesday nights and a smaller version for Sundays. They're well marked and lined - we collect Bibles when we go to Estate Sales - I think they're family treasures.
    Hope you have a great day -
    From Central Georgia :)

  6. Kathy, just a side note here: I cannot throw a Bible away no matter how old and tattered and another thing-I cannot charge for one in a yard sale..they will always be marked FREE.
    btw Kathy check further when you have the time and you will discover MY SOUTH GEORGIA ROOTS..first blog is: http://mershongeorgiagirl.blogspot.com


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