December 31, 2009

Mixing the Old With the New

A happy  mix of 'relics' from the past century with the new, shiny and modern doesn't just happen.  First you have to love the history, craftsmanship  and unique beauty.  Then you have to trust your own eye and instinct to recognize when it works together and when it's just not quite right.

Know your boundaries.  What is important to you? Is it monetary value, color, shape or do you collect  things to impress others?  The table & chairs  shown here: The table is a primitive farm table from an estate sale where I paid a big $10. for it.  The chairs were found new costing quite a few ten dollar bills. The $10, table will always be  a treasure.

My standard has nothing to do with cost, appraised value or popularity with other collectors.  The test question for me is:  "Do I love this?"

Then you go with it no matter what people around you think. It's you-Enjoy!

Sometimes you must make allowance for someone else's taste or preference  especially if there's a husband in the same house.  For me that means I made the choice to [slightly] downsize and go for less clutter in this particular house as I consider Ted's likes and dislikes.  The attic gets used more and I have to remind myself to check the attic regularly to see what I might like to change out with something I've had in use or on display for a while. 

During Christmastime this year that meant bringing down some wonderful old jars to use about the house filled with nuts and candies that remind me of old fashioned Christmases.
Remember the ORANGE SLICES...Grandma Mobley usually had those at Christmas. I fill old  jars with those and gumdrops and Hersheys kisses & peppermint stick or candy canes. 

I also try to display only old things that are actually usable.  My old Toaster is the quality of the high end Kitchen appliances most women consider extravagant. Most people don't even notice it's old as many of them are [ 1930's or 40's] If I had the counter space I would be using my equally old WAFFLE IRON.  To satisfy that collector in me I managed to get shelves built over windows in the breakfast room-that's where my collection of COFFEE POTS goes. It's out of our way but satifies that need for me. There are wonderful built in cabinets in this house [Built 1930's] just right for showing most of my dishes & pottery.

I like so many old or primitive things that the updated light fixtures [ DR & LR] along with the solid red upholstered sofa, Black floral love seat and tasteful stripe chair pull it all together in a way that is very pleasing. Those new pieces cause your eye to forget there is so much of the distant past preserved and used in those rooms. It doesn't shout "Primitive".

Let's pause with Decorating be continued I am sure!

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