August 04, 2009

My 1912 Calendar

Yes I have a 1912 completely in tact calendar hanging in my den.
Yes I love old things. Yes I do collect many things. And Yes, I too am old. Not that old.

My calendar is left open to the month of August.
That's my Mama's birthdate, August 2, 1912. She's been gone since 1973.

I Still remember.


  1. Dont want to think about my mama not being around. I like the old calendar idea though....pretty neat that you have it!

    Jonell I dont know what to tell you about a caterer. I dont know of any myself but looked in the phone book.
    Straton Hall 912-367-4011. I've never heard of this place but that doesnt mean anything since I'm just not familiar with catering.

    Sweet Temptations 912-367-5700 never heard of this one either.

    Traditions 912-367-5855...this is a resturant & I've ate there several times. It is good...the food is like an Apple Bees.

    There is a woman that just opened a bakery in Baxley, Ga (that is where these others are too), and the name of it is called Cross Roads Bakery but I cant get a a number for it. The woman's name is Kathy. She has owned a resturant before...anyway she is a fine cook & a good woman. Her & her daughter work together. I dont know if they cater though.
    Email me if you want to If you want to give me more details & I'll see what I can find out.

  2. Oh & that is my Daddy's bithday btw!


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