October 31, 2013

The Christmas Penny Auction- 2012

About a family activity this past [2012] Christmas
I called it a PENNY AUCTION. The items up for auction were from my personal Gift closet inventory..some from super sale shopping and others were re-gifting offerings.  Let's face it, at this point in my life there is just no more space available-walls, floor or attic storage. I NEED virtually nothing...but 'if you must bring me a gift could we make it something I can eat, drink or burn [ like CANDLES].

 I announced the Penny Auction to our family group  of 18  as we celebrated on December 23rd in Brundidge.  Instructions and information given to the Christmas gathering:
  • Check your  pockets and purses for money - Coins only..no folding money
  • Share your money with anyone who has no coin stash
  • The Auctioneer makes the rules-Gramma designates the Auctioneer 
  • The rules may change at the whim of the auctioneer
  • The auctioneer can decide what to do with the money he takes in*if this has not been addressed beforehand.
 Everyone participated enthusiastically with minimal manipulation. [do you believe that???]

 It was  fun  and 17 and 12  yr old Grandsons  proved to be a really good [ pawns ] auctioneer...taking direction quite well.  Who would have thought the  12 yr old  grandson would have been willing to seriously compete for an Apron!

 -That gift closet is definitely not empty so after a few conferences among us in recent months IT HAS BEEN DECIDED: 
 The Second Annual Penny Auction 
will be  this year on the weekend immediately preceeding  December 25th
 at the Harrison House.

Note: No copyright or ownership of any kind here..feel free to MAKE IT YOUR OWN w Gramma's blessings!

Sharing with Heather  :http://www.stringtownhome.net/

*  All these can be changed - This year 2013 we may add FOLDING MONEY  instead of loose change. Perhaps this would be the year to use this money raised for something we choose to do in Memory of our  Much Loved One.

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October 25, 2013

The Heart to See ~

Early morning sounds- late October Morn~
Created by God,
Broadcast throughout Creation ~
 pausing in the deep south,
 Right here on Fleming Street~ for me!
As I slip into my freshly painted yellow [willow] chair
with my chunky
Favorite  YELLOW Mug
 of hot  freshly brewed
Perked Coffee
[ no Hardy's coffee here today]

You are not seeing & hearing a congregation of BIRDS?
That's because
They Are ALL here in
There's  Chirp, Chirrrrp,  cheep, Cheep, Cheeeeeeep
Twit, twitter, tweeeeeeeeeet, twip, twirrrrrrrp

Praise God from whom all blessings flow~

Looking Forward,

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October 19, 2013

Part 2- Social Gatherings of Another Time

I  shared  a post with you some time ago about Cane Grindings in the rural south.  At that time I promised you we would talk about other social events common to the the rural south.  Now on to another way we entertained ourselves: Note that I am referring to mid century, deep south/Georgia.[ 1940's ]

[ Please note these are the personal photos of Jonell W. Harrison- not to be copied without specific permission  2013 ]

Obviously not many of us have vintage [ or older ] photos of these wonderful old buildings and very few photos  of the place, the people, the social gatherings we are sharing with you from our own personal recollections.

For that reason you are seeing posts of a few remnants of the far past that others have lovingly restored  or in some cases reconstructed . What a labor of love these primitive homes, bridges, churches and other buildings were.

In  the Fall, Families would gather for  PEANUT BOILS..you can ditto almost everything in the account of cane grindings-It was the same event  featuring  PEANUTS pulled from the earth/fields, hauled  often in tobacco sleds to the farmhouse/outbuildings, rinsed in wash tubs etc to remove all the dirt, pulled from the bush [that was above the ground-peanuts grow attached to roots in the soil]. then turned into often that same cast iron syrup pan with fire underneath and boiled..Another difference was Peanuts were eaten on the spot, not packaged for sharing and taking home like the syrup.

Oh, yes the peanut boil came  late summer and the sugar cane was a little later in the season around thanksgiving. We always had things to look forward to. Can I convince you this was a real social event we actually anticipated  as one would a dance or birthday party? True!

Now, remember these gatherings were opportunities for the children to romp and play, creating their own brand of fun and games..Also, the teenagers found this setting ideal for their social activities like games designed with the end result presenting  them with times with that girl/boy they already had a crush on..a chance for pairing up for a little walk down the lane under the Moonlite Autumn Sky. ..hand in hand, of course with delightful whispered conversations  unless they were overtaken by a sudden attack of timidity. Then of course they were both relieved to join their groups of friends again.

Some of these photos were taken in Troy, Alabama at the Pike County Pioneer Museum.

On the road back [from Iowa] through Branson, Missouri-headed south to Alabama
If you will find time to run back to this spot for a visit  I will share another group of incredible primitive remnants from another time..located not from from us here in south Alabama.

Looking Forward~
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October 07, 2013

F A M I L Y ~ F A L L ~ F E S T I V A L S & F U N

October usually seems like a great time for a family gathering - Even in the deep south of the U.S.A we can find a few fall leaves and branches with that AUTUMN look...shades of Fall. 


There are always pine cones and with a little diligence one can gather up a handful of wonderful acorns then all you need is a small basket of pecans and won-der-ful armload of dried corn stalks.


Now all you need is  a big pot of home made chili, some great southern cornbread, a few guests volunteer for bringing a salad and a dessert and finish off with a crowd of people...not just anyone. This gathering requires  people who love to spend time with loved ones -that would be both friends and relatives-LOVED ONES!