February 28, 2011

March Winds~~

Here it comes right on schedule [ today is the last day of February]
..the March Winds!  And there they go~~~~ the blooms on the fruit trees! 

February 18, 2011

Soaking Up Sun-Vitamin D

Sooooooooo nice~my first nap on the deck in the FEBRUARY SUN this afternoon.  That, my dear friends to the north is reason enough to COME ON DOWN  South.

After announcing that I  am okay with "sunning" again-a friend replied that "we're going one way or another-might as well go with a tan".
My stated rationale is that I will die before any skin cancer would kill me but I like my friend's thought process..God will recognize me either way, right?
{have avoided excess sun for many years b/c I turn dark practically overnight}

Our next seasonal milestone will be COFFEE ON THE FRONT PORCH early mornings! The only problem is Spring seems to be coming fast and I don't have all the black rockers and wicker repainted yet....Oh well I usually work better under pressure with deadlines!