June 22, 2016

Tips but No Tricks..A Few Things That Work for Me~

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[Do It Yourself /Do It Myself]
10 Secret Weapons in Every DIY Decorator/Designer's Tool Box
  1. Duct Tape
  2. Safety Pins
  3. Rubber Bands
  4. Razor Blades/single edge & Box Cutter
  5. Used Tooth Brushes-small space cleaning
  6. Masking Tape
  7. Super Glue/liquid Nails
  8. Selection of Mason Jars/or small bottles
  9. Selection/Variety of Twines
  10. Mirrors


My table cloths are too large or not the right size- Bunch and wrap w Rubber Bands

My curtains or sheers are not the right length..too long or some long and some short-Rubber Bands
I need to cover an object or cushion fast and easy....duct tape

Table decorations instantly...jars and bottles for WEED FLOWERS

Large room, lots of tables to decorate..Instead of Flowers...get outside and cut branches from anything Green, live and growing..Fill MASON JARS and get creative w lining, bunching  and stacking them (small risers help )

And MIRRORS:  Small mirror squares or long narrow strips use as you would a cloth table runner.
This makes an instant base for a center piece or tablescape and you end the project with a clean, uncluttered, finished table -using a variety of [as few as 3, as many as 5 or 7} interesting bottles with either herbs from your own beds or what I proudly refer to as weed flowers from along the roadsides



  1. Love this, Jonell! Your blog is looking beautiful, too. I've got 9 out of your 10 at all times. I never thought of the tablecloth trick, though! Yay! A new tip for me.
    Hugs and blessings, dear lady.

    1. Thank you Theresa...You are very generous! I do check on you regularly but I guess you can see I simply am not doing anything for months now....nothing worth sharing. I always feel guilty but I am always happy that you KEEP GOING...and so well. it's just different phases of our lives like our friend in S.E. Texas I hope to be alert to possible changes on the web (for me) perhaps slightly different directions or improvements...that's where my head is anyway. It goes w/o saying: You are doing a great job! Love ya!

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