June 30, 2015

Keeping it Simple - At MY HOUSE

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A Few Ways to Keep it Simple

Things That Have Worked For Me


Housekeeping - Function - Pleasure-

Not everything works for everyone in different seasons of  life
Take what will work and Be kind about those you think are
Silly- Foolish- Downright Crazy


Housekeeping Made Easier Choices

[White Vinegar, Baking soda, Dawn, Lemon Juice, SOS Pads-stack of thin white wash cloths, Old white tees cut for polishing rags]

  1. Glass Cleaner-not Windex- for Glass, Counter tops, Stainless/all appliances, mirrors, sinks, faucets EVEN WINDOWS-
  2. Other Uses for the DISHWASHER- (fill with decorative dishes, pottery -Before holiday/company season when seldom used dishes, glasses, etc don't seem fresh open up the dishwasher and fill it to the brim with the deluxe cycle and the immaculately clean sterile and dry outcome will impress the most fastidious friend or family.But especially YOU!
  3. Buy dollar store supplies like window cleaner,  cotton balls. Q- tips- emery boards
  4. Consider ONE LAUNDRY DAY EACH WEEK. as opposed to many small - medium wash loads.  Save time- & Utilities
  5. Too many sheets, towels, even clothing  = Overload
  6. Buy quality:  Sheets, Bedspreads, Comforters
  7. Buy Cheap/quantity:  Bath Cloths, Kitchen Dish Towels, 99% HBA & Cleaning Supplies
  8. Consider turning off the Hot Water [for laundry] using HOT WATER only when you must & not daily.
  9. Full Scoop of powder laundry detergent?   Stop, take note of the size of load and how dirty...reduce detergent accordingly.  Result:  Less residue in fabrics & Save money. Some very small loads not unusually soiled not stained I only add about 1/4 scoop.

Where We Sleep-Rest-Read-Nap

  • Buy All White Bed linens-Choosing best quality you can afford one sheet or one set at the time if needed-frankly 3 good sets of sheets at once for my own bed works  for me.   One very good set for each guest bedroom totally works - for me. I never have guests long enough for that to be an issue.
  • Good quality cotton can handle the  occasional BLEACH however, you may find you rarely need bleaching & they last longer without.
  1. All white sheets
  2. All white pillow cases 
  3. All White bedspreads
  4. All White Comforters-with this there's no MATCHING up colors or patterns
* If you're just dying to add color throw in a little splash with pillows or afghans
** I am still using the new sheets we bought in late 2006  with only two showing significant wear. 

Where We Bath

(yes, I know what I just said-bath instead of bathe)

  • Less Bathroom Stuff- Saves money & clears clutter
  • Shampoos; How many does one really NEED?
  •  soaps- scented, colored soaps can be expensive..discount store shelves actually stock similar packaged very nicely
  • Buy big and Cheap and REFILL with same
  • No home for  books or magazines in the bathroom. (think about it- germ and moisture residue
  • Lotions/Creams- Buy cheap and large lotions/try the cheaper -often no difference /Go ahead buy the slightly expensive but tried and true jars of face/body creams if your little heart desires -  just LEARN TO USE LESS.

This is my extravagant cream
    When a product is a must or you are just crazy about it go for it ...USE LESS.
    The hand & body cream I use is a good one in a big jar but it keeps going up in price and I'm reminding self  a LITTLE DAB WILL DO YA!


  • All White Towels- One, two or three at the time replace skimpy towels with larger generous bath sizes [MINE ARE FROM WM]
  • All White CHEAP washcloths- in large bundles- its just a ready supply and no one has to worry about using the  PRETTIES or using twice...it feels like luxury

Where We Cook

Gramma's - Mama's - Mine -Yours

  • White flour sack KITCHEN TOWELS-Why b/c they are cheap-they bleach and later down grade to cleaning rags, outside shop chores..then toss and replace
  • Flour sack dish towels do not leave LINT
How it works for me 
  • Generous supply
  • Use instead of paper towels [do the math]
  • Bleach as needed
  • Trash as needed
  • Restocking your supply is economical [same as CHEAP]
Personal Product Recommendations
(I am not compensated- this promo is straight from my sincere southern heart ladies)


Washington Spread

 My World Market Shower CurtainsWorld Market  I don't think they always stock the same items but give it a try-search. My choice my very small very vintage bath was a little more pricey than I normally go for and when I chose I went back later and bought a second one.


  • I like the clean, fresh spa look...mine are a stark white with a kind of tone on tone pattern ..subtle, tasteful, a soft, subtle white on white effect


World Market finds
Yes the LABELS got me!
Not Pricey but distinctive
(personal opinion, of course)

Make cleaning less a chore: Use less window dressing -I recall the time and place [Buna, Texas] when it hit me- Those pretty Priscilla curtains on the living room windows were nothing but NICE DUST CATCHERS. We removed them and replaced with a simple valance and wooden shutters an appropriate height. Smart us!

Choose minimal HBA shampoos, soaps, etc...settle on basic brands in large sizes & avoid LABELS /NAMES

Consider clutter & expense of excess bath products:
Three or more hair care products? Stop !  -much the same-with different packaging.
If you find a shower gel in a bottle that's big extravagant and makes you feel good showing it on the bathtub...Buy one then refill with the cheap generic and you will still feel great.


*I remember during one of life's rough patches during our Texas years having no face & hand cream.. I could not afford to buy it.
I USED A DAB OF CRISCO SHORTENING on my face, neck hands elbows, etc...then a wet, hot bath cloth on my face to help it work. IT DID and I survived...very pleased with myself and a THANKFUL heart!

BEAUTIFUL COLORED PERFUMED SOAPS WE LOVE...They are expensive though..check out ALL the soaps in WM and $$ stores and you will find some that are lightly perfumed and packaged pretty but cost a fraction of the ones that are tempting you.

Happy House Cleaning
 [ or Not ]
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  1. Oh. my. word. This post spoke to me! LOVE IT ALL!!!! I've been leaning toward white (I've switched most linens to white)... Life is so much easier! Ooooohhh.... that Crisco tip. Good stuff! I really do love it all. One I will return to - time & time, to make mental notes. :)

  2. Enjoyed this post today. I am a huge Cetaphil fan. With sensitive skin I have found it works for me. I used the face cleaner and the moisturizer and the soap! Love all that you shared today! Great tips. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Great ideas and tips! Love it!!

  4. I love every single tip you have, here, Jonell!! All are so helpful and things I'm just learning now. And, oh my goodness, that is the only lotion/cream I can ever use!! My Mum picks it up for me at Costco! Please come share this with me @ our What to do Weekends Party!! We LOVE to have great tips like this at the Party! Pinning! I hope you will link it up, Jonell! This is EXACTLY what I love to Feature at our party!
    Blessing to you, my friend,

  5. By the way, Miss Jonell, You are my Bonus Feature tonight at the Party!!
    Congratulations! I hope you will come share your room makeover this week!
    Many Blessings,
    Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance
    What to do Weekends #130

  6. Gosh, I can't recall if I did share with your site :(


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