June 23, 2010

The Dailies

No I didn't mean the "day lilies" I meant the Dailies.
The 'dailies' make or break us women..the daily, the routine, mundane, ordinary of our lives.
The dailies fill all our lives but how we choose to handle them can make or defeat...we have to find beauty in the ordinary, challenge in the mundane and pride in the routine. [jh]

June 12, 2010

The Porch Party is Here-at Gramma's House

I love so many different vines..this one is a Cypress Vine. The greenery is as delicate as  can be and the tiny red flowers are trumpet shaped and invite hummingbirds . Check by in another two weeks and the pump/mailbox should be totally swarthed in greenery.

Ready for Company

Remember I love bargains-the two rocking chairs I happened upon at a local shop [$50. ] for both, not each.  The black wicker [4 pcs total] another DOLLAR STORE bargain.  The just perfect Red Platter was a 'thank you' from a special friend here.  All the Milk Glass, the glasses, compote  pitcher on the table are all part of my collecting in southeast Texas over many years.  Do take note of the little primitive table between the rockers and the hand embroidered pillow cases just part of my vintage collection.  Perhaps the most outstanding treasure is the PRIMITIVE BENCH..at least 100 years old, from the farmhouse in Texas.
To contrast with the blue hydrangea you cannot miss the FIESTA..my collection is boh old and new Fiesta-I am not a snob about this.  If I love it, I love it - old, new or flawed.  An EBAY auction netted me the wonderful little silver coffee spoons. I love an excuse to use them.

Just Waiting For You To Stop By

                                                                         Ready for Staging

Have a Seat-Let's Talk!

Come Join Me-Let's Visit

Great Spot for Visiting Over A Glass of Cold Lemonade-Be Sure to Turn On That Ceiling Fan

Did I tell you about that table yet?  It was the very last find from my favorite antique shop in Texas before we moved.  It must weigh at least 250 lbs..no kidding! It came from one of those wonderful old drug stores ..in East Texas.. There are two chairs that came with it. This ice cream parlor table and chairs is usually on our small but perfect  screened in porch.

Great Spot for  A Glass of Cold Lemonade

You Guessed It..I Am A Collector


Looks Like We Are Ready for Company

A Vintage Linen  Flea Market find

Black Wall Basket beside the front door

Holds Cuttings of Whatever is in Bloom

June 09, 2010

Ready For A Cold Lemonade?

 I'm showing off my very old  quilt-perhaps I should  spread it out for you to see.
The  wonderful Primitive Bench I salvaged from our years on the farm in Southeast Texas. 
The benches  have  a place of honor year round on our Harrison House front porch.

Coffee or Tea?

I hope you can see the little table-primitive-the top made from salvaged 12" wide pine boards.
I do love my [all colors] yellow Fiesta and the oh so fancy little coffee spoons I found on
My Fiestaware collection consists of both old and new-love both.
The almost table cloth is just a little piece of old linen -a flea market find.
Did you notice the repeat of Milk Glass pieces [ Pitcher & Compote] filled with fresh
Butterfly Flowers & Hydrangeas? The Pitcher & lemonade glasses are part of a set..

June 04, 2010

Yarden Notes -Early Spring and Beyond

[March notes]The Sunny South it is! A little reading, a little weeding, a little pruning , raking up the piles for Ted to retrieve and guess what...haven't scratched the surface Soooooooo much yard work to do but its really worth it when evrything is green and blooming-Right now it's the BRIDAL WREATH in bloom that takes my breath away-OMY
[early June notes] Coffee on the front porch mulling over what's on my agenda today..had a conference regarding what needs to be moved to where and what needs to be pruned from ground up or from inside outward.  mmm think I need to get busy. I transplanted a little cypress vine that had invited itself into a huge pot- moved it to a perfect planter that hangs on the porch railing under the no pane window.  Perrrrrrrrrfect ..in a couple of weeks.  Cucumbers needed gathering and ended up making just the right amount for Ted's first batch of sweet pickles-couldn't resist pulling huge masses of WEEDS -too many weeds too few onions..some of the onions  accidentally went into the compost pile.. so rewarding...making room for more weeds,right?  I knew those clippers were there for a reason..meant to gather more lavender in bloom...the Lavender always reminds me of my Blogger friend in Texas, Revee who's daughters gather the lavender every year and tie into wonderful little posies then hang on the door of their neighbors -PRICELESS.
Did I mention FOUR O'CLOCKS are now in bloom? AND I just spotted this morning..some purple hyacinth bean vine popping up. Did I also mention: I LOVE VINES,especially blooming vines!